Family Restoration Fund

The Family Restoration Fund (FRF) is a UK government funded programme.  It will help to reunite former child migrants with their families so that they can build relationships, be involved in significant family events or urgently visit relatives in times of crisis such as serious illness or death.  Its funding is provided by the Department of Health as part of the UK government's package of support to former child migrants and their families.

The Fund is open to any former child migrant sent before 1970 from England, Northern Ireland, Scotland or Wales as part of child migration schemes.  To apply, you must have been sent without a parent when you were below school leaving age to Australia, Canada, New Zealand or Rhodesia by a voluntary care agency or local authority.  You must also be able to demonstrate a need to build or develop family relationships, be involved in significant family events like weddings or funerals, or travel urgently due to a family crisis such as a serious illness.

Only former child migrants, or their appointed representative in cases of incapacitation, can apply to the Fund.  Applications cannot be accepted from the children or siblings of former child migrants or from second generation family members where the former child migrant has died.

If you are too ill to travel and the application is to help family members visit you, the application must still be made by you rather than by your family.  At present the Fund remains open until March 2017.

For advice about the Family Restoration Fund or help to complete the application form, please contact the Child Migrants Trust's offices listed here or send an email to us on

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