IAFCM&F Press Statement - 8th May 2014

In the light of evidence given to the Royal Commission Public hearings in Perth and the media reports re the Christian Brothers’ offer to renegotiate compensation settlements, we make the following points:

  • No more arbitrary payments for the most horrendous crimes against children – crimes against humanity.
  • An independent government body should take the lead in any retrospective injury payments.
  • The Order of the Christian Brothers should be disbanded and their assets seized and distributed.
  • No more ‘Professional Standards’ or ‘Towards Healing’ 

Norman Johnston from the International Association of former Child Migrants and their Families said:  "We were deported to a prolific, predatory group of paedophiles with a long history of abusing young, vulnerable boys. We have moved beyond cover-ups and abusers setting the tariff behind closed doors.”

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