Lost Children of the Empire

The Child Migrants Trust's first book 'Lost Children of the Empire', written by Philip Bean and Joy Melville, was published in 1989.  It is now out of print but is still available from libraries and as a second-hand book online.

This is a useful guide to the mixed motives behind child migration - 'this inhuman chapter in British history'.  It provides moving accounts of the lives of former child migrants in different countries and includes many photographs and vivid oral history.

'Lost Children of the Empire' takes its name from the television documentary, screened in Britain, Australia and other major centres of child migration.  This, in turn, inspired the award-winning ABC/BBC television mini-series 'The Leaving of Liverpool'.


The Leaving of Liverpool

The Leaving of Liverpool Parts 1 & 2 can be viewed below (duration 3hrs 20mins) - Parental Guidance recommended for aged 15 and under

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