BBC Radio 4 | Today Programme | Farm of Fear

Between 1922 and 1967 up to 10,000 children migrated from Britain to Australia under officially-approved schemes. While some remember the experience fondly, others became victims of beatings and sexual abuse. And newly-discovered records show that the authorities had been warned that the system had few safeguards.

Jackie still remembers the day she arrived at Fairbridge Farm, Pinjarra, Western Australia in 1950.

Like the other children, she'd been kitted out with a complete new outfit for the trip: shirt, cardigan, skirt, shoes and socks. Pictured just before she got on the boat, she even has a ribbon in her hair.

The month long voyage was "great fun", she recalled. But as soon as Jackie, then ten, arrived at Fairbridge Farm, her beautiful new clothes were taken away.

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