Breaking News: A Record Settlement At Last

Our readers have been following with interest, anger and sorrow the historic abuse disclosures over years in relation to the Fairbridge Farm Schools. 

Former Child Migrants sent to Fairbridge Molong, Australia from the United Kingdom as part of the discredited child migration polices have been awarded $24million, the highest compensation settlement in Australian history. 

There has been a six year legal battle with many obstacles placed in the way causing more hardship for those already living with a lifetime of injustice. The New South Wales and Federal governments and the Fairbridge Foundation should have resolved this issue at a much earlier stage. 

The British Government apologised to Former Child Migrants and their families in 2010 when the former Prime Minister, Gordon Brown, underlined 'this shameful episode...this failure in the first duty of a Nation: to protect its children'. 

Margaret Humphreys said: 'This has been a long time coming. I informed the British and Australian Governments in 1987 of the abuse at Fairbridge in New South Wales.  'Lost Children of The Empire', the book and documentary screened in 1989 also raised the plight of former child migrants and the urgent need for official action.' 

The International Association of former Child Migrants and their Families are restating their call for a judicial inquiry into Britain's child migration schemes, where all roads lead back to Westminster. 

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