CBS 60 Minutes | The Lost Children: Update

Since 60 Minutes II's "Lost Children" first aired in 1999, much has happened. Many viewers wrote emails and letters to tell the stories of their own experiences as lost children. 

Some had reunions with family members not seen in half a century. 60 Minutes II Correspondent Bob Simon reports on these developments.

In 1999, Mary Molloy, profiled in the original broadcast, had an emotional reunion with her mother. She had four weeks to make up for 50 years of loneliness. 

"It was just like coming home," says Molloy. "The circle had come full circle. It was great."

But the circle was much larger than Molloy had imagined. She discovered in Dublin that she not only had a mother, but also nine brothers and sisters. They were all there to celebrate Molloy's 56th birthday. 

But for Molloy, the reunion was bittersweet. "I got home; three days later, it was Mother's Day," she says. "And I kept thinking of all the Mother's Days I missed out on. And it wasn't fair."

For Mary Molloy and her mother, after half a century of separation, followed by one reunion, there was separation again, with only letters to fill the void…

John Hennessy, who had been abused at Bindoon, a Catholic institution in the Australian bush, felt so empowered by the first broadcast that he decided to run for public office. Hennessy is campaigning to become deputy mayor of Campbelltown, Australia, a suburb of Sydney. He, too, was reunited with his mother, who lives in England.

"When you think that I'm 65, and she's 86, a frail, gentle loving woman, for the first time meeting her only child," Hennessy explained in 1999.

"And to look into her eyes, she got tears, I got tears. We're both trembling. And she said, 'Michael John, where have you been all these years?'" he recalled.

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