BBC News | Gordon Brown apologises to child migrants sent abroad

Prime Minister Gordon Brown has apologised for the UK's role in sending more than 130,000 children to former colonies where many suffered abuse.
He expressed regret for the "misguided" Child Migrant Programme, telling the Commons he was "truly sorry".
He also announced a £6m fund to reunite families that were torn apart.
The scheme sent poor children for a "better life" to countries like Canada and Australia from the 1920s to 1960s, but many were abused and lied to.
'Deportation of innocents'
Mr Brown said: "To all those former child migrants and their families... we are truly sorry. They were let down.
"We are sorry they were allowed to be sent away at the time when they were most vulnerable. We are sorry that instead of caring for them, this country turned its back.

Click here to view PM Gordon Brown's statement in the House of Commons and to read the BBC article in full

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