Department of Health Press Release | 300 former child migrants reunited

Almost 300 former child migrants have been reunited with their families in the UK thanks to the Family Restoration Fund.

The £6m Family Restoration Fund, which covers the practical costs of travel, is available to any former child migrant who was sent under school-leaving age without their relatives from Great Britain and Northern Ireland to Commonwealth countries.

The fund, which was launched by Health Secretary Andrew Lansley in July 2010, is administered and supported by the Child Migrants Trust

Health Secretary Andrew Lansley said:

    “Thirteen years ago as a member of the Health Select Committee, I heard evidence, often tragic and disturbing, of how children had been separated from their mothers and families, and taken overseas, often not knowing their mothers and families were alive. 

    “Almost two years ago I launched the three-year fund on behalf of the UK Government, in recognition of the years of struggle and heart ache suffered by child migrants. I am very glad now to have met some of the families reunited as a result of the fund.”

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