Press Release | Child Migrants Trust - 2nd May 2012

The Child Migrants Trust welcomes this 2nd Anniversary event.  It gives an opportunity for Britain’s former Child Migrants to share with the Secretary of State the benefits and positive results of the Family Restoration Fund.

The Fund was a key part of the national Apology, a practical way of restoring former child migrants to their families and helping them to reclaim their identities.

We believe this historic apology was good for the nation and a crucial step in the right direction.  It showed that, at last, we could start the reconciliation and reparation dialogue.

Of course, this was a moment that former Child Migrants had waited for all their lives, and it is not surprising that every anniversary will hold a special significance for them and their families.

We cannot give former Child Migrants their childhoods back.  We are not able to give a mother and father their child back, but we can give them hope and restore a sense of fair play and justice.

There is still much to be done.

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