UK Apology to Former Child MIgrants | 4th Anniversary

Prime Minister, David Cameron said:
“The terrible experience of former child migrants will stay with them forever, so it is right that we remember their suffering on the fourth anniversary of the national apology.
Through the Family Restoration Fund, we have been able to help nearly 700 people be reunited with their families and start to heal the wounds created by separation.”

Gordon Brown MP said:
“In the four years since I made an apology in Parliament on behalf of the UK for our unacceptable role in the shameful deportation of thousands of children to former colonies, I have received many letters from migrants and the families of migrants. Each one has moved Sarah and myself and is treasured.
A few months ago, I received a visit from one family who came to my Kirkcaldy constituency office to express their thanks for the apology, but also to tell their own story.  A story of two young fearful children torn from their homeland, never told what was to happen to them, separated as they arrived in Australia and in one case cruelly treated, beaten and abused.  This story brought home to me yet again how deeply unjust the treatment of the child migrants was and how indebted to the Child Migrants Trust we should be for its wonderful, humane work from which hundreds have benefited.
I am pleased to see that many have used the Family Restoration Fund to visit family - often at critical times.   I know the funding for the Trust's work needs to and must continue so that support for the families can be maintained.  All our lives we have a continuing duty to those who suffered so much through no fault of their own.  This is the only way we can honour their lives and build on the apology we have given to all who suffered and were so wrongly robbed of their childhood.”

Sir Kevin Barron MP said:
“As the fourth anniversary of the British Governments apology approaches, we should never forget the tragedy that the child migration schemes caused.  The shameful deportation of children to distant colonies was deplorable and unnecessary. 
Today the Child Migrants Trust continues to carry out its vital work especially through the Family Restoration Fund.  This helps broken families to be reunited and come to terms with what has happened.  This funding must continue and the history of those children should never be forgotten.”

David Hinchliffe said:
"I can think of few issues during my 18 years in the House of Commons which moved me more than learning the plight of our former child migrants.  The experience of meeting, during the Health Committee Inquiry, so many people, who suffered through a Scheme that few people in Britain knew anything about, will always remain with me.
We have made progress in enabling many former child migrants to regain contact with lost relatives and the apology from the British Government was a very important step. But I remain very conscious that there is still much unfinished business.  Exactly what happened to so many of our fellow citizens because of this Scheme should, in my view, be the subject of an independent judicial inquiry. Many questions remain unanswered and the surviving former migrants and their descendants will rightly press for answers until such an inquiry addresses their continuing, understandable grievances."

Click on the video links below to view the 2010 statement by Gordon Brown and the response of Harold Haig, Secretary of the International Association of former Child Migrants and their Families:

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