PRESS RELEASE: British Government Response to the Independent Inquiry's recommendations on Child Migration

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We welcome the Government’s positive response to the recommendations by the Independent Inquiry into Child Sexual Abuse (1st March 2018).

In his statement today Sajid Javid MP, The Secretary of State for the Home Department, said “Tackling the horrors of child sexual abuse is a priority for this Government. I warmly welcome the work of the Inquiry in helping us to understand what has gone wrong in the past and learn lessons for the future.

Margaret Humphreys, International Director of the Child Migrants Trust said: “As we know only too well, child sexual abuse has life-long consequences. Financial recognition is important, but it is only one part of a package of support measures that are required.”

At the Nation’s Apology to Britain’s former Child Migrants and their families (February 2010), former Prime Minister Gordon Brown described child migration as a “shameful episode” in our history, saying: “No-one can fail to be touched by the terrible human suffering that sprang from the misguided child migrant schemes and the mistakes that were made by successive United Kingdom Governments.” The apology had the support of all political parties.

Marcelle O’Brien, a former Child Migrant who gave evidence to IICSA in person, said: “The British Government has known for 30 years of our plight. We have lived it for almost 70 years. This announcement today provides a sense of relief that we have, at last, been believed.”

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