Australian National Redress Scheme - Sunday 1st July 2018

The National Redress Scheme is now open to accept applications from Australian citizens or permanent residents who were sexually abused as children in Australian institutions. 

It is expected to be available for 10 years.

  • There is no requirement to give your evidence in person and applications can be made in writing.
  • The maximum award under the redress scheme, for those assessed as experiencing the most serious abuse, will be $150,000.
  • Any previous payments for historic abuse will be taken into account in the assessment and the final award will be adjusted accordingly.

Factsheets and application forms are available on the Government's National Redress Scheme website at

Please contact the Child Migrants Trust if you would like any further clarification and assistance to prepare your application for redress.  

Our Freephone number in Australia is 1800 04 05 09 or you can email us directly at

Further contact details for CMT’s offices can be found here.

"The Redress Scheme in its present form is no good for us former Child Migrants. Because of the conditions in it, there will be little or nothing for us. Because of this we have no choice but to reject it for the following reasons:
1. Apart from our statements we have had no input into the settlement. 
2. It has been imposed on us without any negotiations with us.
3. We feel as if we are back in the Institutions where we had no rights and everything was imposed on us.
4. Not all the trauma such as physical and mental assaults, and the illegal removal of Child Migrants from their families and their Countries has ever been settled. 
Further no care was ever given to Child Migrants when placed on Farms with little or no pay given to them. Many, including myself, worked very long hours living in horrible conditions with no Welfare checks on us.  It is no wonder that many of the employers could use us in any way they liked. 
Further no Governments for many decades made any attempts to link Child Migrants back with their families, which was a very large source of their trauma. 
Yours Sincerely,
Michael O’ Donoghue
Child Migrant"

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