USA Release of Oranges and Sunshine - October 2011

Oranges and Sunshine tells the story of Margaret Humphreys (Emily Watson), a social worker from Nottingham, who uncovered one of the most significant social scandals of recent times; the mass deportation of children from the United Kingdom to Australia. Single-handedly and against overwhelming odds, Margaret reunited thousands of families and drew worldwide attention to an extraordinary miscarriage of justice. Produced by the makers of "The King's Speech" and starring Emily Watson, ORANGES AND SUNSHINE will be released in theaters across the US starting October 21st.

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BBC News | World: Asia-Pacific | Oranges and Sunshine

"Of all the stories that I have covered in Australia, few have been as moving or enraging as the treatment of the British child migrants.
(Nick Bryant, New York correspondent)

        Many of the children were told a life of           adventure awaited them in Australia

        Many of the children were told a life of
          adventure awaited them in Australia

It was also the story where I probably came closest to crossing the line that separates journalism from advocacy. At the time, victims were pressing for an apology from the British government, which ultimately came to be delivered by the then prime minister, Gordon Brown, in February last year.

Yet how could one not be angered by the treatment of more than 150,000 children who were forcibly relocated from Britain to corners of its empire and commonwealth - a practice that continued until the late 1960s? More than 7,000 children were shipped to Australia, and many were tricked into thinking they were embarking on a life of adventure and abundance"... 

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U.K. Apology to former Child Migrants | 1st Anniversary

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Prime Minister, David Cameron said:

"One year on from the British Government’s apology and the tragedy of thousands of lost childhoods is still as sad and shocking as ever. We should remember the hardship and heartache experienced by those children and their families as a result of these misguided child migration schemes. Margaret Humphreys and the Child Migrants Trust worked hard to secure the apology and continue to support those affected today.  I'm delighted that the Government-funded £6 million Family Restoration Fund has already reunited so many former child migrants with their relatives."

Gordon Brown MP said:

"One year ago I was proud to offer an apology for the UK's role in the shameful deportation of thousands of children to former colonies.  The deportation of the innocents was cruel, unnecessary and deeply unjust and I am pleased that the Child Migrants Trust continues its excellent work providing support services to those who were so wrongly robbed of their childhood.  You have my warm best wishes and my heartfelt thanks."

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