The Trust firmly believes that every former Child Migrant should enjoy the same rights, responsibilities and opportunities as the vast majority of their fellow citizens.

Indeed, the Trust works hard to ensure that former Child Migrants can take these rights for granted as others do.

This means that former Child Migrants need accurate information about their personal identity, their family and medical background.  They should also be fully informed about important matters like legal inheritance and citizenship.

Given their especially difficult start in life, first class services are essential to assist recovery from damaging childhood experiences. This includes professional counselling as well as support for reunions, official inquiries and redress schemes.

The families of former Child Migrants also require a personal, skilled and professional service. Losing contact or hope of ever seeing a loved one again is clearly a very difficult experience to endure, especially over long periods of time.

Former Child Migrants need to reclaim their personal history just as we need to reclaim our public history.



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