Retrieving files and obtaining birth certificates

Retrieving files from both migrating agencies and government departments is often a vital step in building a more detailed picture of family backgrounds and early childhood.  Since the late 1980's, CMT has helped to change both policy and practice on this issue.  Consequently, there is now a much better appreciation of the needs of former Child Migrants to access these records.

The Trust has developed good working relationships with many agencies in different countries which may hold relevant information and offers advice and assistance to obtain these records.

Many former Child Migrants were either given a short birth certificate or no certificate at all.  Very few appreciated that they should have been given a copy of their full birth certificate with details about their date and place of birth and their parents.

To apply for a passport, a pension, or other rights, a full birth certificate is essential.  It is also the starting point for enquiries about your family history.

Please contact your nearest Trust office if you need a birth certificate or any other records.

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