IAFCM&F Letter to The Guardian - 31st Oct 2012

The following letter was published in The Guardian on Wednesday 31 October 2012:

Truth on migrants:
"Michael Mansfield QC's call for a permanent, independent truth commission (No more cover-ups, 30 October) is timely and compelling. The recent appalling scandals like the Hillsborough disaster and the Savile abuse allegations are just the latest examples of the need for such a body. Similarly, the dreadfully slow response and late apology for Britain's shameful child migration schemes are further symptoms of the inadequacy of our present arrangements. These simply take far too long to uncover the truth and rarely deliver a real sense of justice or accountability to those involved. A permanent body would help to show that this country has the moral courage and integrity to confront the darker episodes of its policy failures. It would also improve the accountability of state and other agencies who too often resort to tactics of blame or denial when mistakes are made. As former child migrants, we have a terrible sense of deja vu. Gordon Brown's apology on behalf of the nation in 2010 meant so much. He spoke the truth – hopefully justice will follow."

Norman Johnston
President, International Association of Child Migrants and their Families

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