CMT's independent, professional, specialised service, reunites Britain's former Child Migrants with their mothers and fathers, brothers and sisters and other relatives.

On behalf of all former Child Migrants, regardless of age, religion or migrating agency, the Trust conducts careful family research, often after obtaining files from the relevant agencies. Information regarding family origins is shared alongside sensitive counselling.  This is the first step to prepare individuals for a reunion with their families after painful decades of unnecessary separation.

The Trust has now reunited well over a thousand families, when meeting their family and developing relationships was something former Child Migrants had considered impossible.

The Trust provides the following services to Former Child Migrants:

The Family Restoration Fund aims to reunite former Child Migrants with their families so that they can build relationships, take part in key family events or urgently visit relatives in times of crisis, such as serious illness or death.  

Retrieving files and personal documents from both Government Departments and the migrating agency archives. Whenever possible, such files are given to clients personally by the Trust's professional workers.

Obtaining full birth certificates for former Child Migrants.

Conducting family research world-wide Well over a thousand former Child Migrants have been reunited with their families as a result of the intensive research conducted by CMT in the U.K. and overseas.

Providing professional counselling services to former Child Migrants and their family members. This is vital to prepare those who wish to be reunited after decades of separation and to offer much needed support after reunions.  The Family Restoration Fund pays for the costs of reunion travel.

Assisting former Child Migrants to apply for citizenship The Trust has successfully advocated on behalf former Child Migrants who were sent to Australia in the post-war era who no longer have to pay an application fee to take up Australian citizenship.

CMT also supports former Child Migrants to access redress schemes in Australia and the United Kingdom.

The Trust provides a skilled and sensitive service based on principles of confidentiality and professional ethics, employing well qualified and experienced Social Workers to perform the delicate task of counselling and making contact with relatives.

The full potential of the Trust to reunite families was frustrated for many years by its constant struggle for funds. CMT has campaigned tirelessly to secure appropriate levels of Government funding and recognition for the plight of former Child Migrants both in the UK and overseas.

Britain's former Child Migrants are an ageing group. To ensure that as many families as possible can be reunited before it is too late, compelling and speedy action has always been necessary.

We continue to work towards increasing the financial commitment of the British and Australian Governments. Every donation makes a difference and helps to reunite families who have been separated for too long.

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