Press Release: Victorian Parliamentary Inquiry into Child Sex Abuse

They just don’t get it!

Yet again, we read with a mixture of sadness and anger the findings of the Victorian Parliamentary Inquiry into Child Sex Abuse. The same evidence that was given to the Australian Senate by the International Association and the Child Migrants Trust 12 years ago.
They just don’t get it!  It was clear over 20 years ago that child abuse was endemic in these institutions – not only those run by church and charities, but in State institutions as well – conveniently left out by this Inquiry.

Action is required now. Failure to remove the time limitation period relating to historical abuse of vulnerable children protects perpetrators and denies justice for those who most desperately need it. And that mean all of us – society as a whole.

Former child migrants have been campaigning for 25 years on these very issues, both in Australia and United Kingdom. We intend to extend our campaign to the Commonwealth. Progress on these critical matters is far too slow. Get real - start and take positive action now. If politicians are committed to protecting today’s children, they must deal with the past. Four years on from the Australian Government’s Apology to former Child Migrants, justice still eludes us and our families.  Vested interests win again?

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