Empty Cradles / Oranges & Sunshine

The Trust's second book on Child Migration has been filmed as "Oranges & Sunshine". To buy a book or DVD, just click here.

Empty Cradles was published in 1994 when the Trust's funds were under threat. Royalties from this best-seller enabled CMT's vital work - reuniting families - to continue. It was presented to Kevin Rudd and Gordon Brown at the public apologies and reissued as 'Oranges and Sunshine' to coincide with the film in 2011.

'The secrets of the Lost Children of Britain may never have been revealed if it had not been for (the actions of) Margaret Humphreys' - Sunday Times

"Brought tears to my eyes. It is impossible to ready Empty Cradles without thinking 'These could be my parents. These could be my children.' ...Despite the sadness and anger at its centre, hope remains the principal message of this remarkable book." - Terry Waite, The Times

'It is a story that defies belief' - The Independent

'A modern Florence Nightingale' - Sydney Morning Herald

Oranges & Sunshine DVD

The DVD of the film was released in the U.K. on 25th July 2011.  To order your copy, please click here.

The DVD was released in the USA on 26th June 2012. Click here to order a copy. It is also available in Canada.

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