BBC News | UK | Child migrants deserve help tracing roots

The Health Secretary, Frank Dobson, has said child migrants deserve practical aid in tracing their family records in the UK.

He said he would consider giving an official apology to child migrants, many of whom suffered horrific treatment after being sent out for adoption in former British colonies like Australia, Canada and New Zealand.

However, Mr Dobson stopped short of promising them financial aid if their efforts to trace lost family members brought them back to the UK.

Mr Dobson told the Commons Health Select Committee, which is conducting an investigation into child migration: "I find it quite extraordinary that when we were watching England winning the World Cup in 1966, some child was being kidnapped and sent to Australia.

"It beggars belief. Even if it was done with the best will in the world ... even if everything once the child had arrived in the recipient country had gone right, it seems to me that what was done was wrong."

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