U.K. Apology to Former Child Migrants | 2nd Anniversary

Prime Minister David Cameron MP said:
"We will never forget the tragedy of the thousands of families broken up by the child migration schemes.

As we come to the second anniversary of the British Government's apology, all our thoughts are with those who were affected."

Gordon Brown MP said:
“Two years ago I was proud to offer an apology for the UK's role in the shameful deportation of thousands of children to former colonies. The deportation of the innocents was not only cruel, unnecessary and deeply unjust but demanded the fullest apology to all who suffered and were so wrongly robbed of their childhood. Today the Child Migrants Trust continues its excellent work. Several hundred former child migrants have benefited enormously from the Family Restoration Fund having used this to visit family - often at critical times. It is my hope that the funding for the Trust’s work can continue so that support for the families can be maintained. All our lives we have a continuing duty to those who suffered so much through no fault of their own.”

Kevin Barron MP said: 
“The Health Select Committee, of which I was chair, played a pivotal role in bringing to the fore the original inquiry into child migration. The Committee ensured that an unequivocal apology was forthcoming from Prime Minister Gordon Brown on the deplorable deportation and subsequent abuse of child migrants.

As a nation we must do all we can to ensure we support former Child Migrants and their families and try to make up for the poor level of service they have received until recently.  There are vital policy lessons still to be learnt about safeguarding vulnerable people, especially children, and help them recover from abusive environments. I am also pleased that the measures taken at the time of the apology are a real help to so many.  The Family Restoration Fund enables families to meet after years of separation, bringing together, in some cases kindred that they never knew existed.”

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