The Independent Inquiry into Child Sexual Abuse – the first public hearings for the Child Migration Programmes

On Monday 27 February 2017, the first public hearings connected to the Child Migration Programmes case study began in London, as the Independent Inquiry into Child Sexual Abuse (IICSA) heard evidence in public for the first time.

IICSA was established as a statutory inquiry on 12 March 2015 to consider the growing evidence of institutional failures to protect children from child sexual abuse, and to make recommendations to ensure the best possible protection for children in future. It has launched thirteen investigations into a variety of institutions as part of the first phase of its work, and as part of the “Protection of Children Outside the United Kingdom” investigation, IICSA took the decision to divide such investigation into a number of narrower case studies. This includes the subject of the hearings that begin on 27 February 2017: a case study investigating institutional failings of organisations based in England and Wales relating to the sexual abuse of children involved in Child Migration Programmes.

A summary of IICSA’s background statement relating to Child Migration Programmes and associated child sexual abuse can be found here.

The Child Migrants Trust, along with other entities and individuals, has been designated as a ‘core participant’. This is a formal role, as defined by legislation, and affords core participants with special rights in IICSA’s processes, including the disclosure of documentation and being represented and making legal submissions during IICSA’s hearings.

As some former child migrants prepare to give their testimony to the Inquiry in the following two weeks, the Child Migrants Trust will be supporting them as they tell the people of Britain what happened to them so that lessons can be learnt and justice delivered.

The Inquiry proceedings were live-streamed online and the recordings can be viewed here.

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